On Riding The Snake

An integrated understanding of the brainytrading.net.in nature and value of the human experience vis a vis cyberspace

A major side effect of being alive right now is the veritable inability to escape from anything and everything—particularly THE MUNDANE. Whereas in the past REGRETTABLE phases and transgressions were able to be swept under a rug that could be burned and buried in the backyard (never to be spoken of again), our worst decisions and dullest indulgences now haunt us forever thanks to nightly backups and everlasting online caches.

Gone is the era of reliable pen-pals, LEGITIMATE ISOLATION and word of mouth. VITAL INFORMATION once dispersed exclusively to those willing to navigate the tedious channels of snail mail, tape replication and the printed word can currently be found on any of 100 abandoned blogs. The originals means of “hearing about stuff” persist merely as relics of a more primitive time, treasured for their novelty value but never by necessity. Simply put, modern day innovation has created a culture of disposable assets—permanent only in their virtual omnipresence.

The thrills of life are growing exponentially cheaper by the minute. This is a phenomenon that can be attributed mainly to so-called advances in technology but also to the way that we, as citizens of the global village, conduct our daily business. It is obvious that THE INABILITY TO SEPARATE THE REAL FROM THE VITUALLY REAL will cause our inevitable ruin. Thus, it seems that the only way to prevent any of this is to rebel against electronically abetted social norms. It is time to change up our game with a nod toward successful DIY dynasties of the past.

You may ask yourself what the alternative is to being lost in a Roman wilderness of pain. What we’re suggesting is an aggressive, multi-tiered approach that will systematically combat the oft unforeseen consequences of living in this day and age. Our plan of attack is best summarized by the umbrella terms LOCALISM, TIME TESTED METHODS and RAMPANT SPREAD.

We will rely upon forms of effectively dead media to preach our gospel. These include vinyl, cassettes, real life gatherings that entail face to face communication and conversation, as well as the REGULAR CREATION AND DISPERSAL of the print zine. We will also obsess over vaguely archaic hobbies that nobody in her right mind could ever feign interest in. The short list is: candlepin bowling, sewing, punk, reading, going for long walks all over town, The Boston Celtics and cross-country skiing. To MAINTAIN RELEVENCE throughout this struggle, we shall craft bots to spam the internet about our progress—a street team for the new millennium. It is time to weed out the diehards and, in turn, recruit them for our side as we anticipate a marvelous mutiny!

To succeed at any of this, we must awake before dawn iq option india and put our boots on. If we falter, we need to get back upon the snake, continue to make elaborate plans and follow the RIGHETOUS PATH to the goldmine. As we look TOWARD A BRIGHTER DAWN, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that the daily life index continues to plummet all around us, but we shall overcome.

Here is what we’re really up against: We exist in an age of CENTRALIZED information where downloads, send buttons and the “people and bands you may know” algorithm have come to define the framework of contemporary relationships. At this point, a large percentage of our regular exchanges are conducted through a portal—between little more than our fat asses and a screen.

You didn’t hear it here first, but NOTHING IS SACRED ANYMORE, and very few people are actively listening. Insipid ads tick across urinals and elevator walls. Millions of youngsters devote thousands of hours to playing a rock band video game instead of ever picking up real instruments. Sparks, THE NECTAR OF THE RIOTOUS GODS, no longer contains stimulants.

Most of what currently matters is also incredibly vapid because the facts are so easily filled in by a search engine these days. Suffice it to say, the scenes inside this goldmine are growing progressively weirder. Coupled with the pending demise of everything that is right and good in the world is the COMMODITIZATION and SUBSEQUENT BANKRUPTCY of all the cool stuff. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Real life will always be greater than a collection of uniform resources. IRL > URL.

The need for and importance of reaching out and touching each other is now more urgent than ever. We are not complete idiots. Rather than writing off all emerging technology as a total waste of space, we acknowledge that specific applications can be easily HIJACKED and SPUN FOR GOOD. The blue bus was calling us so we jumped on it.

There is an online community for every strain of nerd, weirdo and lonely heart looking for company these days. No need to make new ones. To succeed, we will build our own web—not actually in cyberspace but by harnessing the energy from the bevvy of mouse clicks and F5 hits continually executed by the users of the world as they attempt to stay connected—channeling it all into the upkeep of an exciting, tangible and very real snake of creative output.

Is it even possible to celebrate a release without simultaneously iq option platform being guilty of manufacturing more disposable hype and garbage? We like to think so. Our latest undertakings include putting out lots of great records by bands that we love, orchestrating fun shows/events/outings with friends, and the systematic amalgamation and dispersal of the ideas and sounds you currently have at your fingertips. It is time for us to be good, prolific and totally alive. This is not the end; it’s just the beginning.